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Collective Bargaining Town Hall: Make it Fair in Bargaining

October 26, 2017 at 1pm - 2pm
CAUT GoToWebinar
2705 Queensview Dr
Ottawa, ON K2B 8K2
Bargaining to make gains and reduce precarity for Contract Academic Staff requires political will and commitment from members. That can be particularly difficult on the part of regular academic staff in the tenure stream, and sometimes requires balancing interests that appear to diverge at the bargaining table. But it can even be difficult for Contract Academic staff themselves, both per-course sessional instructors and those on limited-term appointments, due to fragmentation, marginalization, disengagement, and fear. If bargaining is not only a process that unfolds at the table but through outside pressure, how can the whole process, from member consultation to proposals and priorities, from table strategy to strike preparation and right through to ratification, serve to engage, to mobilize, and to build common cause? Join us on Thursday October 26 at 1pm EDT, during CAUT’s Fair Employment Week, to talk about how we can “Make it Fair” in bargaining. Please register for October’s Town Hall by emailing Monique Cooke at by Tuesday, October 24th, and expect an automated confirmation of registration from the GoToWebinar site.


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