Make it fair.


Fair Employment Week is CAUT’s annual campaign to raise awareness about precarious employment on campuses and support local organizing to improve the working conditions of contract academic staff.

This year’s events provided an opportunity for contract academic staff from across the country to come together virtually to network with one another and discuss the issues they are facing.

Monday, October 19 // Organizing to Win for Contract Academic Staff: A CAUT Members' Panel

Hear case studies from across the country on how academic staff associations have organized around and won victories for contract academic staff. 


Tuesday, October 20 // Intellectual Property in a Time of Remote Learning for Contract Academic Staff: A Webinar with Dr. Sam Trosow

Listen to Dr. Sam Trosow, a professor at the University of Western Ontario, discuss the issues of ownership and control of course content for contract academic staff in a time of remote learning.


Wednesday, October 21 // A Keynote Address by Dr. Liz Morrish

Tune in to Liz Morrish, an independent scholar and activist for resistance to managerial appropriation of the university and co-author of the book Academic Irregularities, presented a talk titled, “A plague on universities: How the pandemic has created breach points for the future of labour, pedagogy and values in higher education.”


Thursday, October 22 // A Social Media Day of Action

Stay tuned for shareables and ways to engage online as part of CAUT’s Social Media Day of Action.


Friday, October 23 // A Zoom social for contract academic staff

Contract academic staff from coast to coast joined in an informal Zoom social. Folks were put into breakout rooms to get to know one another, talked about the unique issues contract academic staff are experiencing, discussed strategies to improve working conditions, and joined together in celebration of the work and contributions contract academic staff make to our universities and colleges.


If you have any questions on Fair Employment Week events, please contact Christina Muehlberger at [email protected] or at 613-327-2886.