Setting Campaign Goals

A few questions to consider as you develop your campaigns goal(s):

  • Who is in the room? What does your association need to do in order to increase the participation of CAS to reflect its diversity? Could this be the goal for the year?
  • What resources (both monetary and non-monetary) can you dedicate to this work over the year? What goal is achievable with these resources?
  • Where is your membership and the campus community on this issue? Is there broad-based knowledge of the issues or support, or does focus need to be put on education to create and identify supporters?

Keeping these questions in mind, here are some examples of campaign goals:

  • Increased participation of CAS in the organization
  • Association support for a negotiation package that includes specific gains for CAS
  • Dedicated seats for CAS on decision-making bodies within the institution, such as Senate or the Board of Governors
  • An established campus coalition to help advocate for CAS
  • Greater office space for CAS on campus

Once you have set your goal(s), you are then able to build a campaign plan that works towards this goal. Think through who you need to influence to achieve that goal and develop a strategy to reach them. FEW activities can help you identify and cultivate supporters for your campaign.

Need support? CAUT is here to help. Reach out to Anne-Marie Roy ([email protected]) to help you set a campaign goal and design a campaigns plan.